"She is a devil of a woman, but she is one of the few people who appreciate the beauty of a Flowering Rush."
These were the words used by a friend of mine I was out walking with one day, to describe one of his colleagues. There had obviously been some problems between him and the woman in question, but I didn’t want to ask further. I secretly agreed with him though, that there are relatively few people who are touched by the beauty of a flower.
As for me, I have been fascinated by flowers for as long as I can remember and I suppose that you also have a deep connection with these quiet and beautiful living things, otherwise you would not have visited my website, to which I welcome you warmly. Shortly I would like to invite you to take a look at my album of Crete, which I published under the title “Crete – A Unique Paradise of Flowers”. I have explored this island, armed with my camera and together with my wife on twelve occasions, and our trips there are presented in this volume in words and pictures.
Likewise, you will soon be able to have access to countless beautiful pictures of flowers on this website, for I have made botanical journeys to the most diverse regions, including Borneo and Taiwan. Of course, I have also taken lots of pictures in my own country, on our doorstep, so to speak.
For the time being, I must beg you to be patient, for it may take some time before I manage to scan in all these slides.
But for now, you can immerse yourself in the extremely varied flora of the lovely island of Crete.
Thank you for your interest.

Johannes Flohe